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Liv Tyler is celebrating- she became mother again!

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Liv Tyler is celebrating her new born child.

She and Dave Gardner, her fiance, got daughter and named her Lula Rose Gardner.

They announced the news on Instagram and posts are filled with words of happiness, of course. They said they are so happy that they feel like their hearts will explode!

Lula Rose is their second child. Only a year ago they got Sailor Gene. Both names are beautiful and unusual, right?

Liv already has a son from her marriage with Royston Langdon, the musician. Dave also has a son, Grey. Grey is the child from his former marriage to Davinia Taylor, actress.

Last year when Liv Tyler and Dave found out she was pregnant, they were so excited. Instagram was once again full of their posts where they were exchanging love messages and excitement. Dave publicly talked about how much he loves her! They felt so blessed and it is great to see such a happiness.

They family is obviously growing faster than expected. Who knows what next year will bring! As they started, a new family member would not be any surprise. But since they are family people who adore kids, why not?

Being a mother makes Liv even more attractive. The actress and a daughter of famous singer Steven Tyler has unique beauty. Beauty that seems like it cannot fade away. The older she gets she is more attractive. Like she really is fairy from Lord of the Rings.

We would like to know the secret behind all that beauty and her positive attitude, except being a mother, of course. This is something what makes every woman shine in a special way.

One thing is for sure, we believe she sill stay that way for long time. We cannot wait to see her children when they grow up. We are positive that they will look as beautiful as their mother.