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5 Easy Little Things That Happy Couples Do Every Day

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There are some things that happy couples do differently than those who feel like their relationship’s sparkle is slowly fading away.

While we adults like to complicate life almost beyond imaginable, we usually forget that the happiest moments in life consist of little things. Like the smell of freshly brewed coffee. The first day of spring. Laughing in the rain.

Many times we wrongly assume that it’s only the big events in life that matter – landing our dream job, getting promoted, getting married, having children. True, all these events tend to create brief spikes in happiness, however, the sustained happiness is something that is derived from small, simple, ordinary and everyday things in life.


This is what happy couples do to stay connected and keep their relationship alive


Why are happy couples happy and others are not? Because they recognize that the essence of life lies in a detail and they do the little things to put a smile on their partner’s face. They pick their sweethearts with an umbrella from the bus station on a rainy day after a tiring day at work, they let them eat the last bite of cake. They laugh together.

The couples who feel like they’re running out of happiness are actually running out of little things that used to make them happy, lost in life’s endless tasks and demands.

Removing the distractions and pressures obstructing the happiness and a healthy relationship is easier than it sounds, once you’re determined to return your relationship the old shimmer.

The first step is understanding that it’s the small, caring, loving gestures that carry the greatest meaning in life. That being said, all the tools you need to give your relationship a refreshing boost are the tiny, little actions, the little things and thoughts that are, in fact (and in return), the big things.


1- Be here now

The most important thing that the happy couples do is simply be there for their partners, something that is called quality attention. Shut down your PC, your phone and turn off the TV – and take some time every day to give your partner your undivided attention.

Happy Couples



2- Drop everything

A simple hug when your partner walks through the door at the end of a long, tiring day makes a home like no other place to be. Drop whatever you’re doing and go greet your darling when they’re home.

Happy Couples



3- Little favors

Going a few steps out of your way to make your partner a cup of tea or a late night run to the market to get some milk won’t make a big difference to you, but will leave your significant other happy reassured that they can always count on you and your affection.

Happy Couples



4- Express appreciation

Another thing that happy couples do is expressing their appreciation for even the smallest gesture they receive. One simple thank you is often all it takes to brighten someone’s day.

Happy Couples



5- Say yes more

Just try it, it’s not that hard. While most of us almost automatically say no to almost anything proposed to us, try practicing to take a pause before you say no and surprise your spouse with one big fat yes. The expression of surprise and excitement on their face is going to be worth it, we promise.

Happy Couples