Lipstick Shades That Look Gorgeous With Red Dresses

 Nude Mantra

Nude colors go with every dress. Whether it is a wedding party or a casual hangout, if you are wearing a red dress then nude is the safest and easiest option you should go for. In this way your red dress with do all the talking and take the center stage. Another benefit for opting for nude lipsticks is that you can do some sexy, heavy eye makeup. This makeup will make you glow in your red dress. Don’t worry about the time of day or night of the occasion; this look will look gorgeous in every setting.


Peaches and Pink

If you have a lighter skin tone and want to go for some color rather than nude lips, then a peachy pink can be your answer. It gives a feeling of freshness to your look. Make sure that the pink is delicate. When you opt for this lipstick color for your red dress, then make sure you do not use matt color as it can look too dull.


Matching Red

It necessitates a lot of confidence to show off a red dress red lipstick combination. While many shy away from using this combination, it looks astonishingly daring. When you try this, remember not to match the color fully but to go for 3-4 shades lighter. Also, it is worthwhile to opt for a matt shade rather than a silky one. The reason being the glossy shade has massive chances of getting smudged off.


Humble Lip Gloss

When you are utterly confused on what lip color to wear with red dress, you can simply show off your original lip color by using just a modest lip gloss. This will give you a natural look and you can carry it off with a lot of ease. If in case you want to add some color on this you can opt for light brown, peach or cherry. All in all, the shade will remain lighter and shinier.