I am addicted to you - Lion Babe Hair Makeup Tips, Jillian Hervey on Festival Beauty 1

Lion Babe Hair Makeup Tips, Jillian Hervey on Festival Beauty

Lion Babe Hair Makeup Tips, Jillian Hervey on Festival Beauty

As 50% of the New York City €“based couple Lion Babe, Jillian Hervey’s towering billow of brilliant curls and sugary voice were in close moment demand the minute she and bandmate Lucas Goodman transferred their first R&B single, “Treat Me Like Fire,” to SoundCloud in 2013. A little more than a year later, Lion Babe has wrapped joint efforts with Pharrell Williams, Mark Ronson, and Childish Gambino, and, starting tomorrow, major U.S.- festival billing at Lollapalooza.

You’ve refered to soul singers as musical motivation €”would they say they are your beauty icons too?

I’ve generally been a huge admirer of Josephine Baker. My mother has a poster of her in our home, [since I was a] dancer, I felt exceptionally joined with her. I relate to how she decided to dress and who she was at the time €”having dauntlessness in what you do, regarding your history and conveying something new to it. I also adore Marilyn Monroe. I’m a Gemini, as well. She was really outrageous but also very forward about what she remained for and how she needed to carry on with her life.


Tell me about your hair. When did you make the transition to curly and blonde?

My junior year of college. My hair is normally wavy however I used to straighten it and wear augmentations. I needed to do something else. Carol Benn, my colorist, likes to do highlights and shading that look normal. The front of my hair gets light in the sun actually, so she adorned those highlights. When you change something like your hair the entire world changes moreover.


Is this your natural texture or do you have a hand in those curls?

I certainly need to curl a great deal of hair €”I like to give myself an hour to do it. For shows and everything, I can’t do it without anyone else. Chuckie Amos does my hair when I’m in the States. We will prepare it in little ringlets. Contingent upon what you need to do, you can tease it, comb through it, or blow-dry it and shake it like crazy for volume. CHI hairspray is okay [for that], as is MoroccanOil for sparkle.