Lihi Hod Wedding Dresses

Lihi Hod Wedding Dresses – The 2016 Collection

Just taking a brief look at these Lihi Hod Wedding Dresses might make you want to marry or remarry, regardless of your relationship status. These incredibly feminine and amazingly romantic bridal dresses are a total refreshment in the sea of heavy and boring classic gowns, pulled down by the tons of needless layers and stuffy ornaments.

An internationally known, Israel-based designer Lihi Hod who had worked for Dior and alongside John Galliano has come up with her newest collection of wedding dresses. The collection, named White Bohemian, has mastered the delicate shimmer we expect to see  on  a bride’s dress that is supposed to be the symbol of the most wonderful day of her life. These Lihi Hod wedding dresses are not going to stun only the ‘boho-chic’ fans, but most likely all the free-spirited and romantic souls.

Lihi Hod Wedding Dresses – feminine grace and tenderness

The whole collection is built around the very natural looking materials and designs that look comfortable and easy to wear, yet are glamourous at the same time. The various playful combinations of soft fabrics like cotton,  silk, chiffon and  pearl  ornaments,  Swarovski  stones, lovely lace details and dreamy floral embellishments are simply endlessly beautiful.

All the Lihi Hod wedding dresses are cut in a way that puts a great accent on feminine grace and tenderness,  emphasizing  waistlines,  baring  backs and shoulders, and some two-piece dresses even midriffs. Necklines and low cuts are usually adorned with lace, charmingly and tastefully preserving the  seductiveness  of the natural feminity.


Each dress is unique and flattering,  however  they all share the same nonchalant feel. They successfully carry the features of the vintage and the most modern styles at the same time. The Lihi Hod dresses prove that you can look like a princess without being trapped inside overly tight or overly decorated old-fashioned gowns.

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