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Lesser Known Fashion Icons from the Past


Women listed in this article were influential figures in their time, and carried the weight of civilized life on their shoulders. Politicians, courtiers, lovers, mothers €“ all had important roles, and as we know, important rolls demand only the best outfits. It is true they performed important social functions, and it is true they looked stunning while doing it.

Diane de Poitiers was a mistress of King Henry II of France. Her signature attires were pearl encrusted gowns and gold bracelets. She also was two decades older than the king, which made a significant ruckus back in the day. Members of Fontainebleau school of art painted a controversial nude paining and thus made her immortal.

Marchesa Luisa Casati was the crème de la crème among bohemian European aristocracy during early 20th century. She was famous for dark eyeliners, bold jewelry and flowing robes. Oh, and she also often walked with a cheetah on a leash. Boldini and Man Ray are some of the artists who used her as a muse for their works.

Madame De Pompadou is another influential French mistress, this time of King Louis XV. Her favored attire consisted of pastel rococo confections in bows and radiant flowers that make any other dress bland in comparison. She was highly influential and a patron of many artists €“ including Voltaire. Her influence on the King was such that she was able to negotiate an alliance between France and Austria.

Sara Murphy was a wealthy expatriate from America who spent her life in South France with her family and during that time befriended many famous artist of the famous Lost Generation. Picasso painter her portrait and members of her family were used as an inspiration for characters in books Fitzgerald and Hemingway. Her signature attire is a bathing suit topped with long strands of pearls.