I am addicted to you - LEONA LEWIS INTERVIEW 1



The past year has been fairly tumultuous for Leona Lewis. The British singer went separate ways with her record label and likely set out on a journey to make her fifth album, I Am, all alone. Lewis made the album, which comes out Friday, before €‹she as of late signed with Island Records €•insulating her from a hefty portion of the music’s weights industry. (She even tapped Grammy-champ Diane Warren for a collaboration.) Making the album was a procedure that taught Lewis how to be more legit, more vulnerable, and to speak up for what she needs to make.


Lewis was, actually, so supported by her work on the new songs that she launched the EMPOWER campaign in June, an activity that welcomes fans to share their own particular stories of overcoming troublesome circumstances with the hashtag #IAmEmpowered. We talked with Lewis a week prior to her album release (which she is restlessly awaiting from London) about what it intends to open up and empower yourself.


Was there something you wanted to achieve for yourself with this album?

The motivation for the record truly originated from a place of wanting to do something empowering. I sensed that I expected to empower myself. I felt in a touch of helpless position. It’s an equalization of feeling helpless and feeling strong in what I needed to do. I needed to compose the record with that sort of positive, elevating message inside.