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It’s getting a little windy and chilly outside. Time to warm up yourself in the evenings. A cup of coffee comes of great help when you come back from a hard work schedule. Your hair might be untidy and disordered and your clothes might be scrunched a bit. But your leather skirt might still be the one looking good and attractive.Out of all the fabrics making news in the fashion world,leather is the refreshing, chic and sophisticated lot. But most women are heard saying €œit’s too hi-fi for me €.With the most universal of all materials used from jacket to sole, leather can only be applauded, not hidden somewhere in your wardrobe.


The real mission comes when you have to style your faux or real leather. We take you through some of the cool, hot and happening options in leather wardrobe to follow and mimic before your next door fashion star walks away with the glare.

Leather The Jacket

Madonna has often been seen in leather jackets in her concert shows. That has made her clarify this leather aid as a fashion statement! The chic appearance of a leather jacket makes it a must formation in the wardrobe of teenage girls.Sport the Cool brown and black leather jackets for women with denims or flaunt it at an evening event and both ways you would rock the spotlight. In fact, a leather jacket might not need you to work more on other fashion accessories you have an eye on. But yes, you can stock other colours too, such as dark green or dark blue if you wish to look a hot diva.

I am addicte a to you - LEATHER FASHION 2

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Walk The Leather Pant

If great figure is by your side, then don’t shy away from showing it.Leather Pants can be one of your better halves when it comes to wearing leather style. Most of you might get a feeling that it looks a bit “look at me” but that’s not the case. You just need to harmony it off by wearing basic make-up and accessories.


Trendy Leather Belts

For heavens, don’t treat a belt as a service item but a cool fashion accessory.Couple of your boring denims in your wardrobe can look oh-so-sexy when you put on old style designer broad belts. They will make your outfit get that style end.


Skirt The Leather

College campus or ramp, there is nothing sexier and haute looking than leather. Leather skirts are surely talented in style. Stride around in the retro dress, or look like the glam girl; or put on a sporty luxe impression in black, leather skirt can make you the €˜it’ girl in no time. You will love the hot   look it gets you. Wear best leather skirts to workstation and weekends and everyone will applause you for wearing this fashion trick up your sleeve.With autumn around the corner, match your leather skirt with ankle boots, blazers for office wear or trench coat. Fashion accessories such as statement necklaces & rings would go great.


Womens Leather   Booth Fashion

Not always do high heels want an impressive look. Leather boots prove to be right choice when it comes to making a fashion example in winters. Fur liner has come to be a classy dominating style for winters especially. But no matter what,pair your leather boots with mini-skirts when it comes to your party event.


Leather Bags For Women

Teenage girls tend to go for cheap and pocket-friendly PU handbags. But leather is always leather €“ strong, durable and so amazing.


So forget on your fears and doubt of buying monotonous hues in leather handbag and go for cool vivid colours, leopard prints and monochromatic shades. All these are just a way to position you in the fashion world. The teens can even carry long handle shoulder bags to complete their fashionista style