I am addicted to you - Learn how to properly apply eye shadow 6

Learn how to properly apply eye shadow


Properly applying eye shadow is not a serious thing to do. Sure, we all have tips and tricks we swear by, but doing something well and doing something great are often two very different things. Luckily plenty of people on Instagram are eager to show us their professional ways of creative eye shadow appliance. In this day and age everything we need to know is just a click away, tucked somewhere in a cozy corner of the internet. But in order to reach the information you know, you will be forced to pass by an endless rabble of hacks, false professionals and people who are just trying to sell your products and do not care about teaching you anything.


Instagram is really a perfect social media website for learning the tricks of any trade, and because of its connection to celebrity culture and fashion world in general, a perfect way to learn all about makeup and clothing accessories. Since it requires a personal username and a profile, you are less likely to stumble upon tricksters and hacks who want nothing but your hard earned coin. Like everything else, you have to work hard in order to get to real dedicated people who want to teach you something. We compiled a list of best Instagram profiles when it comes to proper eye makeup appliance. They are guaranteed to step up your eye shadow game!


Want to wear glitter and winged liquid liners daily? Here’s where you learn how.

Makeupbyana, irinaavorkas, strictlytutorials, danapacet, ellarie, amysmakeupbox and makepbydenise are all trustworthy profiles led by knowing ladies who will show you how to treat your eyes with best possible ways of applying eye shadows. Make sure to follow their profiles and become an expert when it comes to eye makeup!