Super Stylish Everyday

Learn How To Make These 3 Super Stylish Everyday Braids

We are all crazy about braids, but after learning how to make these super stylish everyday braids, you’ll never again need to be hysterical or panicky on a bad hair day. Braids are a great and quick way to style your hair when you want a neat, feminine hairstyle that will keep hair off your face and sprinkle a little glamour into your daily routine.

Three easy, yet super stylish everyday braids

Our favorite super stylish everyday braid is the simplest one – regular French braid. It’s quickest and easiest and it looks just so perfect. It will take only a couple of minutes to do it. Start by brushing your hair until it’s smooth, then make a ‘V’ formation using the front portion of your hair, gathering it from your temples towards the crown of your head. What you do next is divide the section into three and start braiding them, incorporating more hair from both sides each time you do the cross.

Our second favorite super stylish everyday braid is the gorgeous chain link braid, that starts with a low ponytail and is made of four braided sections of hair. Begin by crossing the third section over the second, then taking the fourth one, cross it under the second and third piece, then over the third piece. Then drop the second section and pull the first one under the third and fourth. Keep on doing this until you reach the ends.

The last one you need to know is this super chic French braid with a top knot. You start doing it by flipping your head down and French braiding your hair from your neck to the point just before the crown. After securing it with a tie, wrap the hair into a bun and secure it with a pin.