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Large Lapel Pocket Design Wool Coats

Large Lapel Pocket Design Wool Coats,Women’s coats are manufactured in a variety of patterns and styles. Choosing the right style for work or home depends on personal preference and social etiquette. Most wool coats are large, shapeless garments meant for lounging on a casual day or working outside. These coats are large enough to fit over multiple layers of clothing on a cold, winter day. Other form fitting coats, such as pocket design wool coat, solid color hooded cape coat and large lapel self-tie belt solid color coat are more appropriate for the office or classroom. These coats provide some warmth in a sheltered building, but also they do provide enough warmth for the elements during bad weather. Long length coats can still be layered under dress for added warmth and aesthetic appeal. I would wear it for all kinds of day wear activities, except formal morning dress. It is appropriate with casual wear as well as business suits, and it is an ideal travel companion due to its moderate to light weight, water repellency, and versatility. Despite its manifold uses, please bear in mind that these coats are not appropriate for formal evening wear such as black tie or white tie. Because of its weight and long length it can be worn during the spring and fall but also during mild or rainy winters. It is an ideal travel jacket that combines multiple coats in one. Before you buy one, think about where and how you will wear it and what style would look best on you.


Large Lapel Self-Tie Belt Solid Color Coat  $19.99

Solid Color Hooded Cape Coat  $32.99

Solid Color Pocket Design Wool Coat  $37.99