I am addicted to you - ĽaraWorthngton talks about beauty and family 6

Lara Worthington talks about beauty and family


Lara Worthington is an Australian top model and media personality best known for her participation in 2006 Australia Tourism adds campaign. Her down to earth personality, stunning looks and charming attitude won over both America and Australia since then. More so than her long shinning hair and bronze skin, she is loved by many for her beach girl allure than simply can’t be faked. We talked with her about a great many of subjects.


She recently had a baby, young Rocket, and moved to America with her husband Sam. On professional plan, she is launching a new €œToday, I Am € campaign which focuses on embracing who we really are and our ever-changing life and style.


Lara says this Westfield campaign really resonates with her because it brings her home to Australia which she loves with all her heart. Besides that, it is a campaign about freedom of being you and that is something she is always trying to empower within herself and other women.


The model is a firm believer into having your own individual path, that you must overcome all the failures and trials life puts in front of you and focus on forging a unique life path to follow with your loved ones. She is still new to being a mom, but she loves than now she has a team behind her €“ loving and supporting people she can thread the path of life with.


She adores being a mom and a spouse so much that she says the most empowering outfit she ever wore was the robe they gave her in the hospital! Day she deliver baby Rocket to this world was by far the most significant day in her life, and she enjoyed it so much it seems just like a blink now.