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Lanvin 2016 Spring Collection


AlberElbaz is the designer behind the Lanvin fashion brand €“ and he is causing waves in the fashion world right now. Many leading experts in the industry praise him for his ingenuity and welcome him as the face that brings back the soul and attitude to the fashion world of Paris.



Critics toward the fashion industry say that the scene has become too concerned to fit in, to fulfil some premade expectations and create new pieces with too much safety in mind. They say that Elbaz lacks that sentiment, he bravely puts his brand and his creative creations to the frontline, ready to receive either critique or praise, and definitely ready to spread his vision across the world.



He presented his new Spring collection in an event that resembled a theater play more than a classic runway show. Lanvin name was high up there in shining lights, and he described the show as a manifesto of sorts. Models walked the stage in a fast pace, and displayed a lot of character, which gave the whole ordeal a theatric and artistic vibe.



In the first act he displayed clothes meant for daywear, the lovely pants and blouses colored in black and white, adorned with balloon sleeves and rippling flounces. Cocktail numbers and sleek dresses were there too, and looked incredibly chic.



There were several daring combinations too, dresses that showed a lot of skin and were decorated with incredibly shiny, bright details, but it all fitted in perfectly and showcased his vision in an ideal way.



Elbaz describes how he faces a daily struggle of a designer in digital age. He asks himself can theatrics and fashion coexist peacefully together, and what is relevant today, and tries to come up with answers through his creations