I am addicted To You - Lady Gaga Explains The Connection Between Her Outfits And Her State Of Mind 2

Lady Gaga Explains The Connection Between Her Outfits And Her State Of Mind


Lady Gaga is of course known for her eccentric fashion choices. Ever since she became a music star, she wore one of the wildest dresses, among which a dress made of meat and a mesh naked gown stand out the most. You might think her confidence allows her to express herself so freely and wear whatever she wants €“ but the truth is not so simple, says Gaga.


According to the artist, there is always a certain dichotomy within her. If her attire is out there and aberrant, that means she is usually self-deprecating on the inside. Dressing unconventionally is her way of controlling sorrow. She also said that when she is at her best, she dresses like a lady. So if you see Lady Gaga in a ballroom gown and elegant haircut €“ know that on that day, everything is alright. She says that even though she approaches 30 years of age, she is still trying to learn how to function effectively in society.


The singer said she struggled with anxiety and depression her entire life. Still, every single day of her life the illness is present in some form or another. From desire to help those who face similar difficulties to her own, she founded a €œBorn This Way € foundation which regularly helps teens who deal them. Modern feelings of isolation and sadness, according to her, are not human. She aspires to help kids see that lifr is good, and most definitely worth living.


Among her other activist work, she recorded a song €œTill It Happens to You € which speaks about sexual assault. Gaga herself is a victim of one, and had to tap deep into herself to find the energy needed to express   her emotions and create the aforementioned song.