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Lady Gaga ended her relationship with Taylor Kinney!

Lady Gaga ended her relationship with Taylor! What a shocking news!

Not so long ago we have been talking about the wedding plans of these two amazing people, and now? Just shocking!

We know that Lady Gaga was postponing a wedding and she had some excuses to not doing it yet, like the one when she just couldn’t decide about the place where this even should be.

But who would have expected this to happen? A breakup?

Was behind all of her excuses actually a secret plan to end this relationship?


Let’s see why Lady Gaga ended this relationship


They were an amazing couple. That was so obvious. Relationship seemed perfect and strong enough to last. They even got engaged.

And there is where this story ends.

It seems that Lady Gaga didn’t want to be more than just a fiance to Taylor. At least for now. And Taylor would like to get married and start a family.

Their goals and plans are not the same at this moment. She is not ready to get married, to be a mother and a family person. Especially now, when there is so much going on in her life. Except having an amazing music career, she is building her acting career too. She might get even a role in a movie remake “A star is born“. On the other hand Taylor, who is now 35-years-old, is ready to be a dad and to start a family.

This is the reason for their breakup. Is this for permanent, who knows. The love among them is strong and still present. Maybe after some time they will get back together, even though there are speculations that it is not going to happen.

So, we have one more beautiful couple that just didn’t work out.

As for them, we hope they will get back together because they were among those rare people in which relationship everything just seemed perfect.