lace up heels

Lace up heels for a totally trendy look in every season

Every trendy girl out there knows that she needs at least one pair of lace up heels for a perfect look! And this is true, the fashion changes, something is today “in” and tomorrow’s  “out”! But, some pieces in our wardrobe will stay in fashion forever.

Lace up heels are these items that will always be trendy, simply because they are beautiful! And they are now craze of the season online and can be found in all different colors. They also come in the form of sandals or booties and they have tons of cut outs and laces that ornament the foot in the most adorable way!

Branded lace up heels which will make your style stunning

Zara is certainly the brand that follows the trendy fashion directions and it brings various lace up heels styles for every occasion. If you want a trendy piece that will give a special touch to your whole style, than Zara’s lace up heels will be perfect choice for you. They are easily combined with different outfit styles which makes them a ‘must have’ shoes in your wardrobe.

The classic black lace up heels  you can combine with some chic, red nail polish and a little black dress and all eyes will be on you! Zara made quite a few gorgeous pieces during the past few seasons. Their shoes are simply striking and you can wear them  even with some simple clothing and still look fabulous and stylish!

Asos is a whole another story! The lace up heels of this brand carries some sort of elegance, chic and glamour. If you want something really different, you should go for their model with pink details! For that pair of shoes, it is worth it to make an outfit combination just for these heels.

Check in our gallery some of the best lace up heels and get yourself a pair! These heels will always be trendy!