black lipstick

Kylie Jenner’s black lipstick- Would you try it?

Black lipstick? Well, that is something we surly don’t see everyday. After all you would have to be quite brave to wear it. Especially if you are just a typical girl who is not in the world of famous people.

Of course, there will always be women that don’t care what people think and will have their own style. But most of them will follow some trends that are not so shocking.

When it comes to makeup, we have seen lots of different even crazy things. Let’s just remember how Lady Gaga sometimes looks like.

black lipstick

But she is Lady Gaga, and she can wear anything but will still look great and unique.

However, today’s subject is not Lady Gaga and her style, no matter is it  clothes, or makeup involved.

Who surprised us with the choice of a makeup is well known Kylie Jenner. She already has her own empire of cosmetic. But this time she presented us with her black lipstick. Before, she used black eyeliner to make black lipstick, she admits.

However, she launched her new cosmetic item, black lipstick- gothic shade.

We have to admit, it is a great makeup item and she looks amazing.

In case you want to have this lipstick, it is available and has been sold in a huge number.

What we must point out though is that you have to be careful because this is a black color after all, and maybe you will not look as good as she does.

So maybe it would be good to look for an advice of some makeup artist who will professionally advise is it or is it not color for you.

In case you cannot buy this lipstick, you can use Kylie’s trick with a black eyeliner. It will work for you until you get the original lipstick.


Let’s see our Kylie once again with this amazing black lipstick