Kylie Jenner Unveils Cool New Short Haircut


As Lamar Odom’s condition improves with each passing day, Kardashian-Jenner clan continues with their normal lives.The former NBA star was hospitalized after a visit to Nevada brothel. Doctors found traces cocaine and herbal Viagra in his bloodstream, and his condition was said to be critical. After a few days of lamentation and invitation to prayers, his condition took a drastic step toward better. He opened his eyes and smiled when Kim and Kendall visited him, and even called for his children the day after.



Kardashian-Jenner’s soon got back to their everyday business. Social media is something that is extremely built in their daily routine, and their presence on them has restored its previous intensity. Kylie Jenner was seen in LA yesterday and today, but an untrained eye she could have passed unrecognized. Reason for that is a new haircut that is much shorter than anything we ever saw her wear. She posted a video to her Instagram page in order to debut her new haircut, and thanked celebrity hairstylist Priscilla Valles for fixing her up with a new fresh autumn look.



Via kyliejenner.club


Video she posted is very high definition and done in slow motion. Kylie’s locks look very light and almost thinned out. That not only makes it untypical for her, but a complete opposite from everything we used from her. In the past her trademark look was her long, voluptuous raven black hair that went down all the way to her elbows.



Haircuts, unfortunately for this instance, do not last long in world of celebrities. This might very well be Kylie’s one shot do for one video. We love her new look and think it both pretty and refreshing. Hopefully, she will wear it on at least one red carpet event.