kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial inspired by celebrity

Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial will show you how easily you can look fabulous in just a couple of easy steps!

We don’t need to explain who is Kylie and how gorgeous she looks, we all know that very well. With the simple makeup tricks that you are about to see you can also look spectacular as her.

Kylie Jenner is a girl with beautiful face. The most prominent characteristic of hers is certainly her gorgeous eyes that she carefully accents in her makeup style. She knows how to stress the beautiful hazel color of her eyes and to make remarkably long and thick lashes.

Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial video step by step

In the video bellow, you can pick up some tricks and ideas for perfect Kylie Jenner makeup style. You can see how tutorial starts with eyes. So, first of all, you should use primer for your eyes.

The primer will give a perfect base for eyeshadows of your choice. For Kylie Jenner effect focus on using an eyebrow highlight in matte nuance. After that, you will see how you can apply coffee nuance eyeshadow on the crease on your eyelid. For your lids, you can use natural brown-toned color and apply it on the whole area.

On the corners of your eyelids, you can put dark brown and cranberry toned color of eyeshadows. Blend these colors as much as you can so you can get smooth appearance without harsh lines. Instead of using eyeliner, take a matte black eyeshadow and line your eyes slightly. This will give an astonishing look that will accent your eyelashes and the whole eye.

Eyeliner is used only for the small wing in the outer parts of your eyes. For Kylie Jenner astonishing look like lashes, first you have to use a lash primer and then good quality mascara for really long and thick lashes.

In the next section of the video, you can see steps for facial makeup: what foundation to use, how to highlight the zone on your face and how to do the most popular technique of contouring the face. And, for the end, you will see the final touch of makeup  for your eyes: small tricks with nude eyeliner and brown-toned eyeshadow for a perfect look.

You can come up with some great ideas how to visually make your lips look bigger.

We hope that you’ll enjoy this Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial and that you’ll look as fabulous as she does! Enjoy and leave your comments if you tried this look!