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Kylie Jenner Is More Powerful Than Vogue


No one can sell like Kylie Jenner; last month Jenner wore a $1475 dress blue and black buffalo plaid skirt  dress from independent New York designer label Houghton. The next day, images of Kylie in the dress  were all over the internet with bloggers suggesting similar styles so that Kylie fans could get the look.  This made k Houston designers Katherine Polk rally her team and put the dress back to productivity  hoping to capitalize on the frenzy of publicity around the dress.

Polk on realizing a price of $1475 was not going to be affordable to Kylie young fans who she imagined  were more likely to do shopping at H and M rather than Bergdorf Goodman, she directed her team to  work on producing new but less expensive dresses at a price of $450. Polk sent a member of his team to  the garment district in new yolk to haunt down a less expensive fabric in the same print. Unfortunately  what she came back with was a dead ringer for the original blue and black buffalo which created only 25  copies of the famous Kylie dress. Within a week, all the dresses had been sold and more demand for the  dress was still rolling.

It was the fastest selling garment in Houston three to five years history and by far their most successful  PR garment. Although Houston design has been featured in print and online editions of every major  online publication, none of this placement ever resulted in the kind of direct sales generated by Kylie.  Ironically Polk and her team never intended for Kylie to wear that dress. The dress had been loaned for  Kendall but Kylie took it. Pork only took advantage of the press around Kylie dress and changed tune to  capitalize it.

Pork however explains that there are people who wear a piece of clothing and sell through that. This is  because there are a lot of people who want to look more like them. Polk says she is happy to help them  achieve this and be part of what they do.