I am addicted to you - Kylie Jenner Blonde Eyebrows 2

Kylie Jenner Blonde Eyebrows


Kylie Jenner has blonde on the brain. Not just did the reality star change her jet black hair into a super-light mane as of late, she made her blonde look a stride further, swinging to cosmetics artist Joyce Bonelli to lighten her brows to a golden shade.


Kylie Jenner, the beauty queen of Instagram, has wowed us again! The 18-year-old posted a photo on her Instagram showing off her soft, feminine features €” including her long eyelashes and perfectly arched brows!

We always look forward to what lipstick Kylie will rock on her Instagram. Without the distraction of a fun lip color, Kylie looked more natural and innocent. Kylie’s brows were the main focus in the photo €” look how perfectly arched they are!


Celebrity Makeup Artist and Brow Expert Ramy Gafni told us his thoughts about Kendall’s eyebrows: €œI think Kendall’s brows looks good in this photo. They are not too thick, not too thin and have a beautiful arch that flatters her bone structure. They represent the new feminine power brow. €

Kylie Jenner’s blonde ambition just got, well, blonder. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 18, showed her newly lightened eyebrows via Instagram on Sept. 3. €œNext step: a haircut by @jenatkinhair and blonde brows, € she captioned her selfie.