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Kristen Stewart Talks About Teenage Years

Kristen Stewart Talks About Teenage Years

Kristen Stewart has been to hellfire and back.

Reviewing her intense time with fame in Marie Claire’s August issue, on magazine July 21, the American Ultra on-screen character, 25, says, “I lit my universe ablaze and I watched it blaze. Talking openly, it was a truly traumatic period in my mid 20s that kick-began something in me that was a little more…feral.” Stewart includes, “people in general sort of smoldered me at the stake. In any case, that is OK, I can take it. I’m not dead.”

Much sooner than she turned into a film star, Stewart was consistently derided. Reviewing life as a 13-year-old, the self-depicted boyish girl says, “unexpectedly, it wasn’t cool to be one of the young men any longer.” She reviews how one time, in middles chool, a male companion “boisterously” reported, “before our entire gathering, ‘Kristen’s not a young lady. What is she?’ And I simply kicked the bucket. It was an absolutely clichéd, manifestly obvious shaky breakdown minute, when I was similar to, ‘I f- – ruler abhor myself.'” Wincing at the memory, she says, “such a large number of individuals say, ‘Goodness, it probably been so natural for you.’ You think on the grounds that I’m a performing artist that I didn’t have a typical movement of self-loathing?”

“When I was more youthful, I truly needed to be with the grown-ups, to be tended to as an adult,” the Camp X-Ray performing artist tells the magazine. “I was the most open, pending, sure little child. Regardless i’m attempting to return to that.”

A fruitful turn in Panic Room, trailed by her star-stamping part in the Twilight arrangement, didn’t make life any less demanding. “Between ages 15 and 20, it was truly extraordinary. I was always on edge,” she says of managing recently discovered acclaim. “I was somewhat a control monstrosity. On the off chance that I didn’t know how something was going to turn out, I would make myself sick, or simply be secured up or repressed a way that was truly crippling.”