I am addicted to you - Kourtney Kardashian moving on Scott Disick over break up 6

Kourtney Kardashian moving on Scott Disick over break up

Kourtney Kardashian moving on Scott Disick over break up

Ever since her split with Scott Disick,32 Kourtney Kardashian, 36, has been very strong and now she believes she’s truly strong enough to go on without him if they never get back together.

€œSince Kourtney has had time apart from Scott, she’s had a very philosophical outlook on what the future holds, € a friend says. €œObviously, she has her good days and her bad days, but she’s not pining for Scott and has a very easy, breezy air about her at the moment. €

On July 31, Scott at a wedding for one of his best friends, J.J. Corsini made a hint that he was missing his ex partner by sharing a photo on Instagram of a place card that read, €œScott Disick Guest. € On the snap he wrote, €œWhen u realize the grass isn’t always greener, € which is a clear sign he may be regretting the breakup. But, according to our insider, Kourtney’s neutral about his message.

€œShe knows that if she doesn’t take Scott back, she will always have the support of her family for the kids, € our source continues. €œShe’s also sure that Scott would make the effort on seeing his kids regularly if they never did get back together. €

The friend adds, €œIt’s not the end of the world for her, and she knows that she’s very lucky in other ways. €

After spending time with his kids Scott Disick misses his family

As it was said before, Scott is missing his family and has been spending a lot of time with his kids, Mason, 5, Penelope, 3, Reign, 7 months, after realizing he was wasting precious time he could be embracing with them.

€œHe realizes how much his kids need him, € our insider said.

€œThis is his family. Scott wants his family back. He wants Kourtney back. He’s really having second thoughts about everything and feels like he’s most likely throwing away the most important thing in his life €” his family. €

But, we’ve also saw that Scott is definitely struggling about what he wants. He’s still not certain whether or not he wants to be single or possibly get back together with Kourtney and continue their life together as a family.

What do you think? Should Kourtney give him another chance?