Kim Kardashian West Mourns Loss Of Her Murdered Friend Will Smith

Kim Kardashian West is apparently torn apart by the tragic news of the death of her friend, the former NFL player Will Smith.

The football player Will Smith, 34, was killed and his wife Raquel was injured in New Orleans on the night of April 9th while on their way home from dinner.

As reported, their car was rear-ended, causing it to crash into their friends’ car ahead of them. The driver of the car behind, later identified as 30-year-old Cardell Hayes, exchanged a couple of words with the ex New Orleans Saints defensive and Super Bowl winner, before fatally shooting him with six to eight shots, and injuring his wife with two shots in the leg. The football star was pronounced dead at the scene, and his wife was rushed to a nearby hospital with the injuries that are thankfully not life-threatening.


Kim Kardashian West deeply saddened by the death of her football star friend Will Smith

Soon after the senseless road-rage murder that came as a result of argument after a minor traffic accident, Kim Kardashian West joined in the outpouring prayers and messages of support to the Smith family, expressing her deep sadness. Kardashian, who knew Smith since the days when she was dating Reggie Bush, Smith’s teammate, and who was a close friend of Raquel’s, took to the social networks to send out the prayers for the family and offer words of support.

Kim Kardashian West

Meanwhile, Hayes, previously arrested for illegal carrying of weapons, illegal possession of drugs and having served 6 months in prison in 2014, was charged with the second-degree murder.

Will Smith has left behind his beloved wife Raquel and three children, William, Lisa and Wynter.


1- Will Smith, former Saints football player, killed in the road-rage accident

Kim Kardashian West


2- Kim Kardashian West seen posing for a selfie with her friend Raquel Smith, Will’s widow, in a sad tribute post

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3-Will & Raquel Smith

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