Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Sends All The Haters A Clear Message (F word included)

Unless you’ve been living under the rock, you know by now that Kim Kardashian West once again managed to not only break the internet but also split the world in two. This time with a naked selfie. Pardon, not one, but TWO naked selfies. So right now, there seem to be two kinds of people on the planet: the ones who support the sassy celebrity’s immodest exposure and the ones who openly speak against it.

However, if you belong to the third group (if that group even exists) – made of those who ‘couldn’t care less’, but are still kind of curious, here’s what’s been happening. These days whenever we opened any of the social networks, the naked selfie and the newest updates and opinions about it popped up right into our face. Why, you’re wondering. It’s not like we already haven’t seen her naked.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian West – a brave feminist or attention seeker?

However, the unusual to this story is that instead of getting the praise and compliments she’s used to, Kim Kardashian West was faced with the somewhat harsh criticism and, seemingly having taken advice from her husband Kanye, she started a bitter online feud. Many celebrities got involved, some running to her defense (Miley Cyrus, Emily Ratajkowski, Sharon Osbourne, Amber Rose), some of them slamming her for tasteless narcissism (Bette Midler, Chloà « Grace Moretz and Pink).

Kim Kardashian

After defending her actions in a blog   post published on Tuesday, in which she invited everyone to stop calling her out for her long time ago made sex tape that made her famous, Kim Kardashian West took another, more concrete step this Thursday.

Using her newly created Snapchat account, seemingly trying to put the discussion to rest, Kim Kardashian West sent all her haters one subtle, but pretty clear ‘F**k you’. While she’s pouting at the camera and playing with her hair, we can hear a song playing in the background – Lily Allen’s ”F–k you”.