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Kim Kardashian news about her previous pregnancy

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Kim Kardashian news about her previous pregnancy

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Kim Kardashian news about her previous pregnancy

From here, we see Kim and Kanye have a happy family but according to the first person, she is stranded in the difficulties of the possibility that she may not be able to be pregnant anymore. The tough news was revealed by no other than herself.

Kim Kardashian news says, after spending session with her fertility doctor, Kim has a very tragic news to tell the audience. The Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s star told hubby rapper, Kanye West that she not be able to get pregnant. Kim called Kanye and told him what the doctor said to her that if this is her second pregnancy, the worse case is that it will be the last. There is something wrong with her uterus and the pregnancy risk may cause her to remove the uterus. The doctor also needed her to go to surgery to fix this.

On the other hand, during a different day, 34 year old TV personality, Kim Kardashian has just finished her waist training and putting off the result to camera. North West‘s Mommy seems to be very satisfied with the regime she has taken. Spotted in Studio City, Kim is wearing figure hugging 2 piece outfit of pencil skirt and mesh crop on top. It shows off her slimmed-down torso and that midriff that seems to be toned well.

According  Kim Kardashian news and revealing her upper body, Kim looks really comfortable with the outfits. the high waist ankle-length skirt shows off her sexy body and the cleavage bearing seems to be the right summer outfit for her out and about journey. Kim has a better frame after she gave birth to her son. The impressive tight skirt hugs that curves perfectly. The selfie queen always knows how to be back to black with her monotone outfit from top to bottom.