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Kim Kardashian Meets Her Clone – Can You Tell Them Apart?

What happens when Kim Kardashian meets her doppelganger? Naturally, they pose for a selfie together. Now, if you’re not too fond of Kim Kardashian, it’s probably time to look away, because we’re bringing you not one, but two pouting pairs of lips.

Kim Kardashian Meets Kamilla Osman – and the resemblance is uncanny

According to the reality TV star, 35, she bumped into her lookalike, Dubai based fashion blogger and makeup artist Kamilla Osman, 20, by accident. She also revealed that the pair who look like identical twins filmed some scenes together for an upcoming episode of the famous star’s reality show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’.

1- Kim Kardashian meets her unofficial twin

Which one is Kim and which one is Kamilla – can you tell the difference? While Kim Kardashian’s glamorous lifestyle, her high-end wardrobe and makeup routine have served as an inspiration to numerous style imitators ever since she became famous, it’s been hard to find another who looks so much like the star that it’s hard to tell them apart. And then came the young blogger who made us look twice in order to be sure which one is which – the resemblance between Kim and Kami is truly incredible.

Kim Kardashian Meets



2- Kim Kardashian’s best friend Jonathan Cheban hangs out with her lookalike fan, Kamilla Osman

Some days ago, Kamilla Osman hung out with Kim’s bestie Jonathan too. The pair was seen leaving Epione spa together.

Kim Kardashian Meets


3- Kamilla Osman – Kim Kardashian’s look-alike

In an interview with Elle last year, Kamilla Osman revealed that she doesn’t find that much resemblance to the curvy star in herself, however, she’s been receiving comments of comparison since she was 15. With the time passing, she started seeing this as a huge compliment and an opportunity to build her career as a signer, actress and designer.

Kim Kardashian Meets


4- Kim Kardashian and Kamilla Osman pose for a selfie

Well, we can say, the selfie we all have been waiting for!

Kim Kardashian Meets