15+ Hilarious Pictures Which Prove That Kids Can Sleep Literally Anywhere


Kids can sleep literally anywhere. There is no rule, seriously. Just take a moment to see some of the pictures we have to share with you. Compiled by I AM ADDICTED TO YOU, this list will make you laugh, no matter if you are a parent or not. Kids are looking at things from a different perspective compared to grown people. While grown people will see a dog only as a pet or family member, kids will see it as a pillow or a bed. The same goes with many other things. They will use every piece of furniture as a potential bed or place to take a nap.

Check our pictures below and to see what kids have used as a place to sleep. Do you have some photos to share? Then please add them onto the list. Also, vote for the one you find most funny!

#1 Napping In Front Of The President

#2 Napping On Legos. My Son May Be Immortal

#4 Napping On A Shelf

#6 Napping On The Toilet

#7 Napping While Mommy’s Shopping

 #10 Napping Like A Kanagroo’s Baby

#11 Napping While Posing

 #13 Napping At Ikea

#14 Napping On The Concrete

#15 Napping On The Floor, Under The Sofa Cushions