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I am addicted to you - Kerry Washington Makeup Tips For Poppy Lipstick 4

Kerry Washington Makeup Tips For Poppy Lipstick

After a season of surfer waves and monochromatic makeup, there’s a crisper tackle in summertime shine turning up as conveniently painted Technicolor lips. Furthermore, if we had a quick look at our most loved Hollywood appearances are any indication, there’s more than one approach to draw off a brilliant pop of shading. Kerry Washington was snapped in Brentwood yesterday with a garden party €“ready poppy mouth that had as much modern appeal as her new skin and smooth, swingy ponytail. Additionally grasping a splendid fifties shade à la Babe Paley, Chloë Grace Moretz emerged at the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles with lavish, delicate sparkle lips that were combined with gleaming skin and fresh pink cheeks. For the individuals who incline toward the opposing advance of a major mouth and a laid-back tee, Rihanna added to her lineup of high-effect lipsticks with a swipe of rich hibiscus pigment and a cloud of untamed twists. Here, three reasons why vintage reds all of a sudden vibe new again.