I am addicted To You - Kendall Jenner rocks the nude suit!

Kendall Jenner rocks the suit!

Celebrities do travel a lot due to the nature of their business, and they get photographed a lot for the same reason. So it comes as no surprise when a flock of paparazzi gathers around airports to get a pic or two while our beloved stars walk the aisles. So, celebrities have to dress up for airport too, something we do not envy them for. Some just give up and dress like normal people, comfy starchy clothes one step away from pajamas, and we don’t blame them. Those flights are way too long and uncomfortable to think about clothes. Some, however, decide to dress up and play the part for the inevitable photographers that await them at their next destination. Rare is the famous traveler that hits right in the middle with an easygoing, but still photo ready outfit, and Kendall Jenner managed to do just that recently.



Kendall hit the TSA line over the weekend with a lovely colorful coat that went over a stretchy bodysuit and low heels that look good but won’t slow her down in gate to gate walks. Each individual piece of her attire looked pretty comfortable, definitely not something you have to sit in pain for several hours only to live up to journalist standards. Still, it didn’t look shabby either €“ in fact, it looked quite glamorous and elegant. The body suit alone felt like something you could easily walk from baggage claim to a business meeting in. Topped with a fun and chic kimono style coat colored in white with geometric motifs, and you get an outfit that fits the norms of today fashion world €“ it is fun, it is classy and it is not bland. Memorable attire from young Jenner, and a sure way to both show the world she is still one of us and to look like a proper supermodel.