Kendall Jenner jeans style

Kendall Jenner jeans style – The simple magic

Have you paid attention to Kendall Jenner jeans style yet? No? You have to!

The woman is absolutely a wizard in this area! Have you ever thought how to make a perfect style out of your wardrobe and combining some pieces that will be a super match for every occasion? Well, we can all look up to Kendal Jenner for that!

Kendall Jenner jeans style just went to a whole another level. She is making magic with the good old American style – denim jeans. She experimented with all types of jeans and with different models and somehow she manages that everything looks so good on her.

If you don’t want to dismiss  mom’s closet yet, you can see how straight-leg high-waist jeans can still be trendy. The combinations can be endless, but you can pair them with a long coat and get that casual ‘I don’t care, but I am fabulous anyway’ look.

Boot-cut flare jeans can be a good choice if you wanna play with casual/elegant style and be prepared for a street style but at the same time ready to go on a date and look gorgeous, just the same.

Retro style can be extremely chic nowadays! If you want a glamorous look from the seventies, you can pick some of the choices that Kendall used. She was bold in her choices, but that definitely paid off, since her style is really an example of fashion lovers.

Take a look how Kendall used cropped skinnies. She made a combination with Stella McCartney sleek brogues. We suggest you to try your cropped skinnies with elegant heels, that combination would really rock anywhere you go!

Kendall Jenner jeans style – simple magic for awesome visual effects

With a proper choice when it comes to jeans, any of us, girls, can cover some of our weak spots. High-waist skinnies will do magic for girls with larger hips! Black color will be another super choice for visually thiner figure. You can play with various combinations so you can putt an accent on what’s good about you.

If you want distressed jeans, Kendall already did her homework and she did it well! Even with a cotton tank and a pair of pastel snickers, you can be stylish if you have that piece of distressed jeans.

We must admit, Kendall is a queen of jeans! In the gallery, you can get ideas for yourself  because jeans is something that we all have in our closets and wear every day! So, why not to put a little magic in our style? Go for it!