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Did Selena Gomez Just Give Us A Hint: Kendall Jenner Dating Harry?

Is Kendall Jenner dating Harry Styles? Miss Gomez seems to think so!

Talking to Roman Kemp on Monday evening for the Capital FM radio station, Gomez said that she was the only one single in her group of friends, since all of the other girls on her squad are off the market – including Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, AND Kendall Jenner.

Not revealing who the lucky guy is, Selena only dropped a major hint and left us wondering could it be that it’s still the singer with the recognizable cheeky smile who Kendall is dating.

Is Kendall Jenner Dating Harry Styles?

After spending New Year together in the Caribbean, all the headlines were screaming excitedly: ‘Kendall Jenner Dating Harry Styles’. The headlines were followed by the photos showing the pair looking pretty flirty and cozy together, and only shortly after, the big rumor was confirmed by the model’s big sister Khloà © Kardashian.

And just about when everyone was thinking that Harry was finally ready to settle down, and that the shy model would finally make her well-hidden love life public, the new rumors came up. This time, however, they were claiming that the relationship came to an end due to Harry allegedly having cheated on Kendall with Pandora Lennard, his personal stylist.

Whether that’s true or not and what happened after, remains a mystery, however, the puzzling statement that Selena dropped on Monday left us thinking could it be that the couple is still loved up and going strong, or it’s the supermodel moving on.

If you thought that keeping up with Kardashians was difficult, try keeping up with Kendall Jenner and her mysterious love life.

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