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Kendall Gigi the backstreet boys and the coverage of the H and M show


Many people will ask themselves what is Balmain and the perfect answer for them will be that Balman is me as according to Oliver Rousteing who uttered the words at a press conference this morning at his H& M collaborations .The previous mentioned statement is of lots of significance too his legion of fans who shout out his name in many occasions that Oliver Rousteing is supposed to attend

Through instagram where Oliver Rousting fans are able to interact with him, they are able to be in a good position to know Oliver Rousting likes and dislikes alongside some friends and family faces and come up with a relevant conclusion about his or behavior since they would have understood him even some fans that may not have faced him.

Fans forms important part of an artist or celebrity life so whether the fans took a direct or not part in Balmain, the fans will have an impact on the life of Oliver Roustelling in one way or the other. The show which Balmain performed in Paris was a lesson of the past occurrences that makes him who he is at the present time

Describing the show, it may be summarizes by one word awesome performance The collection of the set was awesome and it consisted of a backstage performance which was a host of dancers who were dancing throughout the scene .One may take a look at the performance and say that the random performance was amazing and even more amazing .Many old folks will tell you how talented Rousteing is.

I am impressed by his attitude towards work since he was a dancer during the night and a designer at day time. The Balmain collections of the jewelry and some hand embellished fashion clothes are something most people will smile about  Memories of rousteing are emitted by his production of past hits that arouse some late adolescence emotions and make him feel awesome .Yah most old people will be amazed by the emotion and some sweet memories. The memories also act as a legacy to young fans in his list