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Katie Holmes Dresses up for Public Transport


It is well known that celebrities lose a tad bit of touch with reality as they get super famous. So we have a lot of examples of their quirky nature we all love to read about. Katie Holmes, model and actor best known for her role in TV series Dawson Creek, did something adorably odd recently. She went into a public train in a glamorous, lavish red ballroom dress, and uploaded the picture to Instagram, of course.


Even more than her dress, the long heels she wore seemed exceedingly uncomfortable for a place such as public transport. We do not know where she was going, nor wish to judge her, but next time more fitting attire would be certainly practical. Jeans, snickers, coats and shirts and blouses are all made just for situations Katie found herself into.


Apart from obviously odd choice of location, her dress outfit did look amazing. In the style of Blair Waldorf she wore a puffy, big red dress with a wide skirt and exposed shoulder paired with matching red high heeled shoes. If we were to spot her on a ball or during an award ceremony, she would get nothing but praises. This way, however, we have to wonder what made her find herself in that situation in the first place.   Style is not only about what you’re wearing, but also where you are wearing it. It would certainly be unfitting for a public person to appear in award ceremonies wearing nothing but jeans and a plain white t-shirt, as much as it is unusual to ride public commute in lavish dresses.


In order not to be too harsh we have to leave room for a possibility her car broke down and she was in such a hurry waiting for a cab was unacceptable. Either way, she did give us an entertaining image, and that is something at least.