I am addicted To You - Kate Hudsons Newest Famous Friend Is Britney Spears 3

Kate Hudsons Newest Famous Friend Is Britney Spears


Kate Hudson was recently spotted at Disney world with nick Jonas and though they may not be dating, they clearly like each other enough to go on rollers coasters together. Kate has also added one more person to her collection of friends that are Disney kids turned pop stars, over the weekend Britney spears came by for a game weekend.


Both ladies shared photos of the event on instagram though none of the ladies revealed what games were actually played at the game night. “Two blondes too much fun” Britney wrote of her evening with Kate. “Loved hanging with you last night. That’s beautiful Britney but again, you can be more specific about what a Kate Hudson game night entails.


The settlers of caftan? Monopoly?Clue? Or that more shit game Kate played with Mathew Mconaughey in how to lose a guy in ten days? These are very important details that Britney and Kate should keep in mind while composing future game night captions.