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I am addicted to you - Kanye West's Yeezy Collection 5

Kanye West’s Yeezy Collection


Eight months ago the musician Kanye West launched his first ever collection, and now his season 1 collection titled Yeezy have finally arrived. The world renowned musician decided to enter the fashion designer’s game and absolutely did not disappoint €“ his clothes usually sells out pretty fast and he received great ratings from fellow designers as well. The runway models did not wear some of his more daring pieces, but the show still offered a lot for all the fans of the clothes the rapper designed. He likely kept it safe because it” the first public display of his new season 1 clothes, and we hope he will unleash the more extravagant pieces in one of the coming runway shows.



It went marvelously well, and models wore some pretty good looking clothes. Kicks are Kanye’s specialty, and his new 950 duck boots are certainly cool, and are bound to follow up the success of the former models 750 and 350. They come in four colors for men’s version, while women’s one comes only in white but has a pretty cool height boost ledge built into them. Besides them, a classic knit crewneck that came in combination with jogging trousers and an oversized t-shirt also caught a lot of attention. It looked very easy going, while also maintaining the elegant feel. You can wear the combination pretty much anywhere, and is best if you are in a formal night out with friends.


If you want to wear any of the pieces from Kanye’s new collection, make sure to get your hands on them as fast as you can, since they do sell out pretty quick, especially the ones that were worn by models during the actual show. If you want to get kicks do it immediately, since they are always the one to be sold out firs.