kaley cuoco

Kaley Cuoco and her totally crazy life!

Kaley Cuoco is well know and popular mostly by her role in “The Big Bang Theory“.

Even though she is a real sweetheart there, and people love her being so silly and cute all the time, her life is everything but cute.

She recently got divorced from her husband Ryan Sweeting, former tennis player. The marriage lasted only  21 months.

She erased all the photos of them that she had online, as well as all the posts.

And Ryan also deleted photos on Instagram plus he deactivated FB account. There are acting kind of childish, right?

But never mind, if that makes them feel better, oh well, kids just go ahead!


Kaley Cuoco and her love history


Kaley is already known by her short and unstable relationships. She really had a lot of guys so far, and has been dating with each for very short period of time.

The longest relationship she ever had was the one she kept in secret. It was relationship with Johnny Galecki, partner from “The Big Bang Theory“. They kept their relationship in secret for 2 years and the reason behind the breakup is most likely that secret. Holding it for so long became too much for both of them.

Familiar by her unstable relationships, she is also known by her obsessive behavior. She is obsessed with what others think about her. She even has admitted this problem. She constantly follows and reads comments about her online.

It is not important from which part of the world are you, if  you say something bad about her or the way she looks like, she will be totally down. That will ruin her entire day. Come on Kaley! Who cares what others think!

But ok, we must understand her. Many people have that problem, and she, at least, admits. However, this is not healthy and maybe she should look for a professional help.

It is also time for her to discover what is wrong that she keeps changing guys too often.