i AM ADDICTED TO YOU - Kaia Gerber Is Mom Cindy Crawford's Mini-Me in CR Fashion Book—Take a Look! 4

Kaia Gerber Is Mini Cindy Crawford

Kaia Gerber Is Mini Cindy Crawford

The 13-year-old magnificence €”kid of supermodel Cindy Crawford €”stars close by her spruce more established sibling Presley Gerber in an article for CR Fashion Book, Carine Roitfeld’s style tome.

Kaia, who as of late marked with IMG and captured a Vogue Italia article while she was busy, resembles a characteristic (and all that much like her mom) in the snaps, in which she postures in smooth, layered looks that incorporate pieces from Prada and Versace. In one photograph, Kaia looks just about doll-like with a stroke of black eyeliner and confetti spots on her cheeks.

“It was stunning for [Presley and I] to do our first shoot together with such a fantastic group. Bruce Weber is an astonishing picture taker and Carine Roitfeld’s style and all that she does is beautiful. It felt incredible to have two individuals like them together on set,” Kaia told E! News in an announcement about the shoot.

Another shot demonstrates the youthful model sitting pretty before a Dodge Charger nearby her more established bro. (Those boots!)

This shoot, incidentally, gave us the latest in a progression of twofold takes we’ve needed to accomplish for the mother-daughter couple: Back in June, the women postured for an Instagram photograph that demonstrated exactly the amount they resemble the other alike.

i AM ADDICTED TO YOU - Kaia Gerber Is Mini Cindy Crawford

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The twinsies minutes don’t stop at still snaps! At the point when the pair ventured out for the Tomorrowland debut in Los Angeles, we €”as you can figure €”needed to take a second look. Appears as though Kaia is well on her approach to supermodeldom, if these pics have anything to say in regards to it!