I am addicted to you - Justin Bieber's Hair VMAs 2015 4

Justin Bieber’s Hair VMAs 2015

As a rule, Justin Bieber’s signature hairstyle stays a trending point on online networking, on account of the intelligent Beliebers calling out in 140 characters or less, however the look he appeared today at the 2015 MTV VMAs sent the web humming before the occasion formally started. In lieu of his trademark coiff, the Biebs went for a tousled, windswept style that drew comparisons on Twitter going from the ’80s band Flock of Seagulls, to a genuine bird’s nest. Bieber has been particularly trial with his look of late €”a month ago, he diverted Nick Carter with his center-parted cut, which instantly started a level headed discussion between the Backstreet Boy and fellow ’90s heartthrob Devon Sawa. Regardless of what the rest of the internet may think about his current haircut, host Miley Cyrus gave him her seal of support, expressing, “I like your swoop,” amid her introduction. What Miley says goes, isn’t that so?