Justin Bieber Imitates

Justin Bieber Imitates Kurt Cobain And It Doesn’t Go Too Well

What happens when Justin Bieber imitates the king of grunge? The grunge world goes mad.

Last week, as a part of his Purpose tour, Bieber performed in Seattle – the legendary birthplace of grunge. And for this occasion, the young star went out of his way in the attempt to look like Nirvana’s frontman, Kurt Cobain. Wearing torn jeans and a T-shirt with Cobain’s image on it under a grungy flannel shirt, and with messy bleached hairstyle that was supposed to resemble Cobain’s legendary locks, it seemed that the young singer tried (perhaps a little too hard) to impersonate the grunge legend.

The whole thing, however, didn’t stop at that – he also imitated Nirvana’s famous MTV Unplugged show from 1993, sitting down with his acoustic guitar to sing his hit song ‘Love Yourself’.

Justin Bieber imitates Cobain at his Seattle concert

And while Bieber did seemingly everything in his power to bring much missed Cobain back at least for a night, Nirvana fans were everything but impressed. Not bothering to hide their displeasure by the very performance, and some even anger, fans branded Bieber’s show a true disgrace to Cobain’s memory and begged him to let the iconic rocker rest in peace. Some very upset fans even went as far as to say that the young singer defecated on the memory of Kurt Cobain, calling his Seattle gig cringe-worthy and dishonoring.

In our opinion, however, no matter what you think of Bieber, there is no bigger and more sincere flattery than imitation. And if the pop star idolizes Cobain, or even tries to be like him, so be it – the cult of Kurt Cobain is not reserved to be adored by any particular group of people.


#1. Justin Bieber imitates Kurt Cobain and causes one massive collective eye roll


 #2. Love him or hate him – imitation should be seen as a form of flattery, not an insult


#3. You will always be missed, Kurt