I am addicted to you - John Oliver's Back-to-School Advice 1

John Oliver’s Back-to-School Advice



Despite the fact that Last Week Tonight is still on rest, John Oliver returned quickly this Labor Day weekend with another online clip to set us up for back-to-school season. In the short video, the British host lists each and every thing American students won’t realize this year €”in particular, how to cook meth in chemistry class or anything about Africa and Asia in history class. He also puts to rest the question of whether what you realize in math class will ever be useful once you graduate, and shares an accommodating manual for which characters die on toward the end of each book one experiences in English class. Watch below, and be appreciative you no longer need to recall what a logarithm is.


Last Week Tonight may be on hiatus until Sept. 13, but that doesn’t mean John Oliver is going to ignore everyone heading back to school this week. In fact, in true Oliver style, he’s going to instead summarize everything you could possibly learn in school in one handy three-minute web-exclusive video.


Yes Oliver is here to tell you that you actually will NEVER need math IRL, that the smell of dissecting a frog will haunt you to your grave, and all the novels you read in English are inherently about the death of the American Dream (yes, this video contains spoilers for classic novels that are 50+ years old, so, we guess you’ve been warned).


Oliver has already started a church, maybe he can start a school now? We’d enroll.