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Jennifer Lawrence wants

Jennifer Lawrence Wants Hollywood’s To Change Body Standards

Jennifer Lawrence wants Hollywood to change its idea of the ideal female body and embrace a ‘new normal’ body type – a female body that doesn’t feature an overly skinny frame. The Hunger Games star, discussing the sensitive matter in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, said that even she herself doesn’t feel like she has a normal body, despite being branded one of the most flawless actresses of our time.


Jennifer Lawrence wants the film industry to embrace a healthy female body type


Jennifer Lawrence wants the film industry to be more diversity-friendly, by embracing healthily proportioned women without branding them overweight. She suggests that our society has become so used to the idea of overly skinny women that it makes the rest of women, even the healthiest of them, feel overweight. She says that the underweight body has become such a standard that every woman with a figure fuller than that, despite her possibly optimal weight, gets called curvy.

Jennifer Lawrence wants

In the interview, the beautiful actress also opened up about her famous friends and feminism, addressing her storm-causing essay on Hollywood’s gender-based pay she wrote for Lena Dunham’s Lenny newsletter. She admitted she had no idea it would blow up like that and that afterwards she absorbed only the negative feedback, without paying attention to the positive comments of support. However, eventually, she realized that the negative comments are not to be cared about, since the people who wrote them are the same people who think that women shouldn’t be paid the same as men.

On the same topic, Jennifer Lawrence added that she can’t understand why is the mere word feminism so scary to people, since it only means equality. She said that as we’re moving forward in a society, we’re all feeling stronger as women, wanting to be taken more seriously.

Jennifer Lawrence wants