jennifer aniston

Jennifer Aniston to the tabloids- it is enough!

Jennifer Aniston, a famous actress is tired of the tabloids and all the media, that are constantly spreading some rumors. This time what made her angry is the false news about she being pregnant. This is not true, and she wants public world to know that.

She is tired of the media and tabloids, and everything they represent.

She is harassed every day, along with her husband Justin Theroux, from the photographers. They literally feel stalked!

Photographers are around their home every day, dozens of them! Just to get any kind of photo or news.

The latest false claim is that Jennifer is pregnant. Once again, she is not!

She is very angry because it seems that if you are married but you have no children you are “incomplete”.

It seems that in today’s time you have to have children to be define as a complete, happy and successful woman. Of course, in the world of famous women.

Media is just waiting for every single little change in someone’s life, just to give some news out. Be it true or false.

Famous people like Jennifer Aniston cannot even have a decent meal out. Because if her stomach will look a little bit bigger after a meal, as soon as she leaves a restaurant, if photographer catches her, he will announced that she is probably pregnant. Oh well, or fat!

Celebrities have to watch out at every single thing while going out of their home because if everything is not perfect, who knows for what they might be accused.

We all know what is the job of photographers, but come on people, give them a little brake!

Just try to imagine how is it to be in their skin!

Jennifer would really like some peace, like many others too. And she said if she ever gets pregnant she will be more than happy give the news to the world the second she finds out.