I am addicted to you - Janelle Monae and her neon lipstick and long braids 5

Janelle Monae and her neon lipstick and long braids


Runway during Paris Fashion Week was fertile ground for plenty of forward thinking fashion statements. We saw a number of lovely combinations and we witnessed new trends arise and set out to conquer the world. But the front row too was rich with daring combinations and lavish attires. After all, cameras every so often swoop across the front row visitors, and always catch something endearing. So the risk for those who sit in the front row is much bigger than it is for models. After all, front row celebrities chose their clothes by themselves.


Most radical of all the reinventions we witnessed was one of Janelle Monae. Janelle is an American musical recording artist known for her fashion style. Her usual look includes a curled pompadour and scarlet lip color, but for Paris Fashion Week she decided to treat herself with something different. An intricate braid sneaked around her crown of black hair and ended in two thickly knotted plaits with just a couple of wisps tugged out. For her lip color, she went with fuchsia shade and matched it perfectly with some emerald lined eyes. Because darker colors and moodier shades were the prevalent choices throughout the week, her caught attention of even more people than it usually would. This truly serves us as a reminder that sometimes it is best to go with our own desires and aesthetic choices than follow what is the trend today.


It is lovely when we witness someone change their style, even if the change is only for one week in Paris. Even better, Janelle Monae completely succeeded in implementing her eye grabbing attire to her existing style. We can only hope the recording artist will continue experimenting with fashion, while continuing to provide us with great tunes in the process!