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I am addicted to you -James Read's Best Summer Tanning Tips 9

James Read’s Best Summer Tanning Tips

Read this James Read summer tanning tips for you woman that will give a subtle glow, a beautiful bronze or figure-flattering definition and prepare yourself for your summer journey:


The Gentle Glow



James Use a self-tan mousse for an hour or two, then wash it off. This will give you a gentle amount of colour that create a lovely low-key glow.


The Super Tan


If you want a deep tan, James recommended using a bronzing mousseand leave it for three hours to allow it to develop fully. then, apply with a mitt for easier blending   to make sure your tan stays even.


The Sunkissed Face


 Foe sunkissed face, James Use a gradual tanner on the face for a nice base with a subtle glow. You can also put make-up straight over the top. Then, use Freckle Pen that contains tanning agents, so you can achieve freckles that will stay for a couple of days.


The Contour Tan


To add contours to the skin, James use a bronzing spray to give extra definition to areas on show, accentuating the collar bones and shoulders.