Galia Lahav Wedding Dresses That Will Amaze You

One thing is certain! Galia Lahav wedding dresses are stunning! The creations of Galia Lahav lure the viewers to the fairytale land of beauty, high fashion art and creativity.

You can see perfectly tailored details on every unique dress that is made under  the name of this famous brand. One of the philosophies of the founder, Galia Lahav is preserving the intimate creation of every dress and keeping the highest hand made standards for her wedding haute couture. Every process involved in creating a wedding dress, from cutting, sewing, designing to marketing and communication is done “in the house”.

Galia Lahav wedding dresses are lavish, embellished with immaculate details and specifically designed to fit on the body. The attention to details reflects into the flawless, gorgeous hand sewn lace applique all the way to the every  beaded detail that perfectly ornaments these incredible dresses. You can notice that these wedding dresses were not designed to be modest! They are created to be exquisite, astonishing and impressive!

Ivory Tower – Galia Lahav wedding dresses line created for a long lasting impression

Ivory Tower is a line that tells us a fairytale! It depicts the story on the subtle fabric and you can tell the plot by looking at the amazing details that lure you into whole another world of enchanted princesses and knights in shining armors! The harmony of the gothic architecture and symmetry of lines enclosed in the high fashion artistry for wedding dresses.

The beautiful creations convey  the powerful message: making an astonishing impression with an undisputable high quality! Galia Lahav wedding dresses are masterpieces in their very nature, true pieces of art! But one of the characteristics that are  truly remarkable is the unity with a human body that she miraculously achieve by carefully tailoring the dresses from the beginning till the end!

Ivory Tower dresses are an homage to the astonishing elegance that finds its way to accentuate the human body and to make it feel free at the same time! Take a look at these delightful dream wedding dresses that will take you to the world of medieval time and fairytales of the eternal love!