Italian Restaurant inside a cave

Italian restaurant inside a cave – dream place for perfect dinner!

Italian restaurant inside a cave – does this place even exist?! Yes, it does, and it is absolutely astonishing!  Can you imagine just a perfect place ever to have a romantic dinner for two? A place that will be a breathtaking, amazing wonderland that you wish to stay in forever, listening to the sound of waves and watching the delightful sunset?

This charming place is located in the town of Polignano a Mare, in the most romantic country on Earth – Italy! A country where Romeo and Juliette lived their love till their last breath.

This beautiful Italian restaurant inside a cave belongs to Grotta Palazzesse hotel (“Grotta” meaning the cave in Italian) and it has a beautiful view over the Adriatic sea. It was a place where the nobility had dined for centuries, dating back to 1700’s. Nowadays, it is a romantic restaurant built in a limestone cave where you can enjoy perfect meals and an amazing view over the cliffs.

Imagine the love of your life before you, a nice meal and a breathtaking sunset in one of the most romantic restaurants in the world! You hold each other’s hands, sitting at a dimly lit table on the edge of the cave while the disappearing sun slowly kisses the water horizon… This place will certainly give you a dining experience to remember.

The magnificent  Italian restaurant inside a cave is 74 ft above sea level and it is naturally lit by the reflection from the beautiful blue-green Adriatic sea. On the site of Grotta Palazzesse hotel, you may see that for this restaurant you have to follow a certain dress code to match the atmosphere of this beautiful place.

In the town of Polignano a Mare, located in Southern Italy in the province of Bari, you can explore narrow streets with adorable scattered white buildings. This area is presumed to be the site of an ancient Greek town of Neapolis of Apulia and the bridge on the Via Traiana presents the remains of the Roman empire, part of the Italian great history.

If you happen to be in Italy, don’t miss the famous Italian restaurant on a cave – a place of remarkable beauty that will be in your memory for ever!