I am addicted to you - It is time for Diwali- Here are some ways to set your curly hair and make them look beautiful! 1

It is time for Diwali- Here are some ways to set your curly hair and make them look beautiful!


Sohpisticatively native

Have long curly hair that is difficult to manage? This look is for you. You can easily get this look done with soft curling tongs at home.

An effortless Curled pigtail

Busy? Don’t have time to get something complicated done? The plain yet cute wavy-curly pony tail is just the right style for you.

The center parted Waves

This style is not only one of the most in-styles, but it is also easily manageable with saris or ghagras at any Dilawi part.

Faux Bob Curls

Most of us get tired of our long hair and want to do something different. The faux bob curls are exactly what you need. Exhibit the sexy backless choli with this fabulous hairstyle.

Decorate And Have fun

I’m sure you’ll have some funky ornamented pieces of accessories lying around. Make a high updo ponytail and add these dazzling accessories on the pony curls.

Streaked Curls

Streaked hair gives you an overall fab look. For this diwali use metallic shaded streaks on the sides of your hair.

The Lady Rabbit Look

Like the lady rabbit look? Seize mousse for the hair, mix it into the strands thoroughly and comb the hair to one side, permitting it to fall over the neck and ears!

A Messy Updo

This look is for all the busy ladies with a ton of work to be done at home. Don’t have time to go to a salon? A messy updo is the way to go.  This look will make your overall outfit look elegant and sophisticated.

Untamed Curly Bobs

Managing bob cuts is a tough thing. Many women don’t think they can do anything fun and creative with their hair. We are here to guide you and with a little innovation you can easily get a new, wholesome look.

Messed up luxury

Curly short hair can be difficult to manage. But all you need to do is comb it backwards and wear a fancy headband to stand out at the occasion!

Glam-Sham Diva

The 1930s look of short curls with appealing ringlets on the fringe is back with a bang.

Easy Peasy

To be a complete doll at this Diwali, all you need to do is the waterfall hair. It is simple and the easiest of all the hairstyles.

Fairy Curls

All you need is a blow dryer and a mousse to get this hairstyle. Your hair will make you look like a fairy!

Diwali is an occasion where you can flaunt your beauty and have fun. So be sure to follow these hairstyles and have an amazing time.