Interesting Valentine's Day facts

6 Interesting Valentine’s Day facts that will intrigue you

The Valentine’s Day is really, really close and we bring you interesting Valentine’s Day facts that every romantic soul should know! Everybody on this planet is searching for love! Some people are romantic, some are not, but the common thing for all of us is a desire to be loved by someone and love in return!

There is no greater happiness than true love, that fantastic feeling of butterflies in your stomach and feeling of acceptance and true belonging! Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic days in the year when the most important feeling is celebrated.

Many people remind their loved ones how much they love them and the whole day is in the sign of love. We bring you some interesting facts about this beautiful day that will certainly intrigue you. We were intrigued as well!

Interesting Valentine’s Day facts  – the facts about love day that will amaze you


1. It became a holiday of love and romance in the 1300s

It is believed by historians that Valentine’s Day actually began as a pagan fertility festival in ancient Rome and it wasn’t very romantic back then. In 1300s the holiday was Christianized and started to be celebrated in the mid-February because it was believed that birds started to mate in the February 14. That’s why doves are often the symbol of love.

interesting Valentine's Day facts


2. Saint Valentine wasn’t just one person

It is believed that throughout the history, there were two or three. But, the most known founder of the holiday, was Saint Valentine who was against Emperor Claudius II. The Emperor had banned the marriage at that time because he thought that marriage was distracting the young soldiers.

However, Saint Valentine was against this decision and started marrying young couples until he was caught.  He was sentenced to death and while he was waiting for the execution, young couples came to visit his cells and left him flowers and cards.

interesting Valentine's Day facts


3. The first Valentines were sent in the 15th century

People started exchanging cards at 17th century, but the cards were not mass-produced until 1840.

interesting Valentine's Day facts

4. Today, Valentine’s Day as a holiday is a big business

Americans spend around $20 billion dollars a year for this holiday and $448 million only for candies before the big day.

interesting Valentine's Day facts


5. Dogs are also included in the Valentine’s Day

Nearly 9 million of Americans will buy cards or gifts for their dogs.

interesting Valentine's Day facts


6. Flowers are the most popular gift for Valentine’s Day

Americans alone send more than 220 million roses each year and nearly 6 million couples get engaged on this special day.


interesting Valentine's Day facts

We hope you were intrigued by these interesting Valentine’s Day facts and we wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!