Hidden Disneyland Attractions

5 Interesting Hidden Disneyland Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss

To get the best out of your Disneyland visit, don’t forget to find the hidden Disneyland attractions. Walt Disney World is probably one of the most interesting spots on the planet, but there are many hidden Disneyland attractions that usually go overlooked.


Check out most fascinating hidden Disneyland attractions that often go unnoticed


1- The Mark Twain Riverboat

Before getting on the Mark Twain riverboat, talk to a Disney cast member and see if you may visit the wheelhouse. When they take you to the second floor, you will see a door with the ‘Private’ sign on it. Knock on the door and you will have the captain show you the secret ladder that leads to the wheelhouse. There you can pilot the riverboat and ring the bell. Once you’re done with playing the riverboat captain, you will get a certificate and opportunity to sign the guestbook.

Hidden Disneyland Attractions



2- Edible plants

All the plants in Tomorrowland can be eaten, based on Walt Disney’s vision of a self-sustaining future and landscapes that would function as urban farms. This is the reason why fruits and vegetables were planted all throughout Tomorrowland.

Hidden Disneyland Attractions



3- Morse code

At the Disneyland’s Railroad Station, you can hear Morse Code from the telegraph, with the series of dots that make up some of the first sentences of Walt Disney’s opening speech at Disneyland from 1955.

Hidden Disneyland Attractions



4- Indiana Jones

In the queue for the Indiana Jones Adventure, you will notice a well that holds a caution sign and telling the visitors not to pull the rope. Well, you should do exactly the opposite! When you pull the rope, you will hear an excavator warning you not to pull it, and if you pull it multiple times, you’ll be hearing different responses before you eventually hear a loud crash.

Hidden Disneyland Attractions



5- Teacups

In Fantasyland, at the Mad Tea Party, you will find 18 teacups that spin at varying speeds. The orange and the purple one are the fastest while the two with hearts are the slowest.

Hidden Disneyland Attractions